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"Thank you for all you've done to help my children and for everything you do every day to help other children."

Lori — mother of 3rd grader

"My son is now asking if he can read so he can 'hear' how good he is getting. His confidence is building and it shows with his word attack. I don't get that awful feeling in my gut when he reads, and he looks forward to each session."

Gloria — mother of a 5th grader

"Thank you for all of the time, patience and 'heart' you have put into helping our son succeed and shine in school. He has great confidence and now helps others with his ability."

Lexi — mother of a 2nd grader

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and guidance in bringing my daughter to greater heights and in reaching her full potential."

Julie — mother of a 3rd grader

"Thank you for transforming my daughter during the last year into a confident, soon-to-be first grader! She has developed a love for reading and learning because you taught her she could do it."

Maria — mother of a kindergartener

"I feel like all of you are part of my family. You all helped build a self-confident child. I will miss seeing y'all every week. Actually, I am scared to let go, but know you are only a phone call away."

Susie — mother of a 1st grader

"Fractions make sense now"

— 8th grader

"Thank you so much for working with John this year. Last year, homework was a terrible battle. John's anxiety about completing even the work we knew he was capable of was evident, as he would often hide under the table or strike out at us. After just a few months, his confidence and abilities have increased tremendously. He no longer complains of stomach aches when it's time to read his assignments. Thank you for helping me return to my role as mom as I no longer have to do battle every night. Thank you for educating us and giving John the skills and confidence he needs."

Jill — mother of a 1st grader

"I like the JiJi [MIND Research Institute Math Program] program because it helps me more in math, it's really fun and it gives me a lot of experience. I especially like my teachers."

Courtney — 2nd grader